Arun Plus Joins Hands with CATL, World’s Biggest EV Battery Manufacturer, Marking the First Step to Become EV Battery Hub of ASEAN

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Having reached the agreement on EV battery cell-to-pack (CTP) cooperation in Thailand, Arun Plus Company Limited (Arun Plus), EV flagship of PTT Plc., aims to serve EV car manufacturers to enhance the potentiality of Thailand to become battery production hub of ASEAN.

This collaboration was the very first step of Arun Plus and CATL to join hands in creating a full-service EV battery business. This is a great opportunity for both PTT/Arun Plus and Thailand as CATL is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, covering the entire global battery value chain, including sourcing and production of raw materials, processing, cell manufacturing, pack assembly, in-vehicle use and end of life recycling, and other related business. Also, this partnership will lead to the next step of building EV battery ecosystem in the future.” said Mr. Ekachai Yimsakul, Managing Director of Arun Plus, to mark an initial phase of collaboration.

PTT Plc., holding 100% shares in Arun Plus, is the national oil company whose infrastructure has been well established throughout the country such as the oil service stations of more than 2,200 stations, and the auto services at the oil stations, and the collaboration with startups to invest in the new venture business to support mobility and lifestyle in the future. Besides, on November 2022, Arun Plus and Horizon Plus laid first foundation stone to manufacture EV cars to serve the rising demand both at home and in ASEAN. Horizon Plus’s initial production capacity is at 50,000 cars per year in 2024 and ramped up to 150,000 cars per year in 2030.

Arun Plus and CATL partnership will help empower Arun Plus’s EV production capability, and CATL will closely work with PTT and Arun plus to support Thailand’s carbon Neutrality strategy and contribute to the sustainable growth of the society.

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